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Bike Rack submissions have been received and our judges are deliberating! Stay tuned for more!

The Rules


This competition is open to artists, art students, art classes, design professionals, and individuals. The winners will have a creative flair, and an eye for fun functionality. Everyone is encouraged to participate. All submissions will be considered.


 Winners will be selected in the following categories:


  1. Best design by a middle school student.                                         $500 cash

  2. Best design by a high school student.                                              $500 cash

  3. Best design by a college student up to age 26                               $500 cash  

  4. Best design by a person who is not a student                                $500 cash



Each design will be reviewed for creativity, aesthetics, and feasibility for fabrication and installation. Each rack should exhibit original creative intent. Bike rack designs should meet the following criteria:

· Provide a minimum of two points of contact for each bike at least 6 inches apart horizontally.  For example, touch each bike on two wheels or one wheel and the frame so that bikes don’t fall over when attached to the rack.

· Must be capable of securing at least two standard bicycles upright by their frames using standard bike locks, including a U-lock. A closed loop of the rack should allow a single U lock to capture one wheel and a closed section of the bike frame. Rack tubes with a cross section larger than 2 inches can complicate the use of smaller U locks.

· Provide adequate distance (minimum 36 inches) between spaces so bikes don’t interfere with each other.  

· Fit in a footprint of at least 6 feet long X 2 feet wide X 32” high.

· Include no sharp edges, other potential safety hazards, and does not make user lift the bike off the ground.

· Designs may be inspired by locations, businesses, or landmarks in the Freedman Arts District, Port Royal or Downtown Beaufort Area.

· Design must incorporate the Freedman Arts District Logo in the design.  This can be achieved by attaching an arts district logo plaque to the rack (minimum 5 inches wide and 8 inches high).


· Racks should be able to be fabricated using durable materials suitable for outdoor installation with little or no maintenance.



Artists may submit multiple designs, with one application per design. Please submit the following:

  • Complete the submission form

  • Include a description of your design


  • Agree that Freedman Arts District has the right to manufacture bike racks based on your design and install those bike racks for use. 

  • Upload a digital file of your design with a white background

  • Design may be hand-drawn or prepared using a computer software program.

  • Design should include dimensions.

  • Design may be in a 3-dimensional format. Please submit photos of models only.


Alterations may be recommended to submitted designs based on constructability or permitting requirements by the design review committee. Your design may be modified to meet city and manufacturer guidelines.



A design review committee comprised of USCB staff, City Representative(s), Friends of the Spanish Moss Trail, Beaufort Memorial, Freedman Arts District Board Member(s), Beaufort/Port Royal/Sea Islands CVB and other partner representatives will be responsible for selecting winning designs. Proposals will be reviewed based on creativity, artistic merit, technical proficiency, feasibility for fabrication and installation. Fabrication will be conducted after selection.



Submissions must be received by September 30, 2023. 



Locations (there may be more than one bike rack based on your design) will be determined after winners have been selected.


For more information contact Stacy Applegate at

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