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Pat Carney


Photography bookends Pat Carney’s lifelong career as a working creative. His award winning images have been celebrated from his early years in journalism through mid-career in graphic design. Currently, his fine art photographs are featured in several corporate and private collections.

Carney is a master of event photography where spontaneity rules the scene and motion must be compensated. His performing arts photography can be found on the walls of Capri Theatre, where Prince first took the stage; and in the collection of the prestigious Ordway Theatre and St Paul Chamber Orchestra in the Twin Cities. Meanwhile, special events and milestones are memorialized for friends and families through Carney’s lens.

Landscapes and nature scenes prevail as Carney’s fascination throughout his fine art work. His images make the ordinary, poetic, and make the astonishing seem dimensional.

Other works of Pat Carney have been exhibited throughout the Minneapolis metropolitan area and published in coffee table books. Pat Carney resides in beautiful Beaufort, SC, and remains available for assignments.
710 Boundary Street

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